First ever meeting

The first ever official meeting of executive body of the The Warsakians Foundation was called to order at 1150 am on [5 Feb 2016] in Hostel 7, University of Agriculture by Sulaiman Khan, the Chairman TWF.

Sulaiman Khan, Muhammad Kashif Aakash, Muhammad Asim, Zubair Gul, Haris Zafar Bukhari.

Approval of Agenda
The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes
As this was the first ever official meeting of the executive, so no approval was needed, for there was no previous meeting minutes.

Open Issues

  • The executive body was completed along with their designations.
  • Membership fee was kept as Rs. 500/ only for life members.

New Projects

  • An official website may be launched with domain as as soon as possible.
  • It was discussed mutually that there must be banners in upcoming TWF Meetings with official logo and title on it.

Agenda for Next Meeting
The agenda for next meeting will be decided later.

Meeting was adjourned at 0115 by Sulaiman Khan. The next executive meeting will be at 1100am on non-specified date, in University Food near Madina Market, Peshawar University.

Minutes submitted by: Muhammad Asim
Approved by: Sulaiman Khan

About the author: Muhammad Asim

Muhammad Asim (Dal Dal) is an undergraduate Student, completing his Electrical Engineering Degree from Iqra National University Hyatabad Peshawar.A Blogger.poet,social activist,programmer,athlete and a well known of computer world.He started THE WARSAKIANS FOUNDATION with his colleagues to help out his society.