Blood Donation

The Warsakians Foundation marked its first activity where blood was donated to a tribal mother who was in dire need of blood at North West Hospital Peshawar on Monday, February 29, 2016.

TWF Team took the initiative for this good humanistic cause from its executive body members and proved to be a useful foundation of volunteers for the society.

Seven individuals participated in this cause from the platform of TWF among those were The Chairman, The President, The Information Secretary, The Media Coordinator and Event Organizer along with AUP Ambassador and other volunteer members. Through this, TWF wants to encourage the students and youth to fully participate in such good causes.

About the author: Muhammad Asim

Muhammad Asim (Dal Dal) is an undergraduate Student, completing his Electrical Engineering Degree from Iqra National University Hyatabad Peshawar.A Blogger.poet,social activist,programmer,athlete and a well known of computer world.He started THE WARSAKIANS FOUNDATION with his colleagues to help out his society.