The official meeting of the executive body

The official meeting of executive body of the The Warsakians Foundation was called to order at 1240 pm on 6 March 2016 in Asim’s home near Gul Abad Chowk on  Dalazak Road by Sulaiman Khan, the Chairman TWF.

Sulaiman Khan, Muhammad Kashif Aakash, Muhammad Asim, Irfan Haider, Zubair Gul, Aftab Khan, Omer Javed, Hamza Iftikhar, Muhammad Kamran Rabbi, Imad Ali and Malak Saad were present in this meeting.

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 5 Feb, 2016 were approved by all. Open Issues

• International Women Day was introduced along with an open discussion on the importance of International Women Day. It was discussed that the women must get a proper respect in the society. They need to be educated and be involved in decision making for their life. They should be provided with the rights ensured by Islam and Constitution of the State.

• As cleanliness is half of our faith. To create awareness among the individuals of the society regarding the importance of cleanliness, focus was kept on different aspects of this very issue. It was discussed mutually to take concrete steps which may make the members of the society know about how important cleanliness is? New Projects

• A peaceful walk may be arranged on Tuesday, 8th March, 2016 on account of International Women Day at University of Peshawar.

• A campaign may be launched in the near future to create awareness among the people about the importance of cleanliness for a clean and serene environment. Agenda for Next Meeting The agenda for next meeting includes:

• Plan for Agricultural Activities

• Plan for Collection and Distribution of Extra clothes among the needy people.

• Any other matter for consideration. Adjournment Meeting was adjourned at 0240 pm by Sulaiman Khan.

The next executive meeting will be at 1100am on non-specified date, at non specified place.

Minutes submitted by:     Omer Javed/Muhammad Kashif

Approved by:                   Sulaiman Khan

About the author: Muhammad Asim

Muhammad Asim (Dal Dal) is an undergraduate Student, completing his Electrical Engineering Degree from Iqra National University Hyatabad Peshawar.A Blogger.poet,social activist,programmer,athlete and a well known of computer world.He started THE WARSAKIANS FOUNDATION with his colleagues to help out his society.